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Topic: Caffeine free Diet Coke "Slurpee" solution, 9th week or later Maintainers only< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Posted: Aug. 04 2007,16:51 QUOTEQQ

Especially now that it's getting hot here (Florida) I really long for an ice cold Slurpee.  Sadly, even the "diet" Crystal Light Slurpees have hundreds of calories and are loaded with sugar alcohols, and are just not something I'm willing to eat (even though technically I would be "allowed" at this point).

Previous attempts to make a diet-Coke Slurpee at home have failed.  It just freezes up, they syrup separates from the ice, the ice clumps, is useless.  I even bought caffeine free Diet Coke syrup (like they use in the fountains) in an attempt to make this work, but no joy.

Well, my experimentation with various extracts in Shawn's Chocolate Iced Surprise yielded an accidental realization that solved the Slurpee problem.

In some of my variants of Shawn's shake I used a teaspoon of anise, or orange, or other extracts.  These extracts are between 40 and 80% alcohol.  What I found was when making shakes with extract in them (even only a teaspoon), the shake didn't freeze up and get clumpy, and a much smoother, finer shake was possible.  This is due to the lowering of the freezing point due to the alcohol.  I theorized that adding a teaspoon of grain alcohol (95% pure, 190 proof) to my Slurpee attempt might just work.

I tried it today and it did.


Chill 2 bottles of caffeine free Diet Coke overnight in the fridge.

The next day, fill an ice cube tray with part of one of the bottles (we chill it first so we lose as little fizz as possible in the process).  You might want to under-fill the tray a bit as the Diet Coke expands a lot more than plain water during freezing and will overfill your tray and make a mess of your freezer (if that sounds like the voice of experience -- it is).

Freeze the Coke cubes for about 4 hours (or however long it takes).

Once you have solid Coke cubes, add about 8 ounces of chilled caffeine free Diet Coke to your blender.  Then add 1 teaspoon of your grain alcohol.  If you don't have grain alcohol, you could use 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract -- it's 80% alcohol and will give you a vanilla Coke Slurpee.

Start your blender running on the ice-crush setting and add Coke cubes one at a time letting them pulverize well before adding the next one.  Keep adding until you get the consistency you want.

Since I had caffeine free Diet Coke syrup in the fridge from my previous attempts, I added some of that as well to make the Coke flavor stronger.

Result: perfect, smooth, small crystals, just like a real Slurpee.  The alcohol gives this about 25 calories, but I can live with that.

P.S.  The alcohol is why I tagged this "9th week or later Maintainers only".  No idea if the extracts, or this type of alcohol use would/could be permitted on strict, so I tagged it that way to be safe.


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Posted: Aug. 04 2007,17:17 QUOTEQQ

I love how you approach everything from a scientific standpoint, Brian. You theorize, test those theories, refine and finally end up with a suitable outcome. I'm also a huge fan of the Slurpee, so this is cool to read about. We have no 7-11s where I live so at least I'm not tempted every day, but I think I may just see about whipping up my own slurpee.
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