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Topic: Tip: Ketone lingo
started by: BrianB

Posted by BrianB on Aug. 27 2006,14:46
Each time you visit the clinic, the nurse will check your urine for ketones.  Generally, the higher the concentration of ketones, the better (since it means you're burning more fat).  When referring to how well you're "burning" the nurse may say "you're burning at a +2".  You may also read people on this board and others referring to their ketones using a "+" designation.

This can be a souce of confusion for those new to Dr. B dieting, so I put together this handy graphic.

As you can see, "+1" is equivalent to "small, 15 mg/dl", "+2" is "moderate, 40 mg/dl", and so on.

Now, if you test your own, you'll know how to "translate" into the "+" designation.

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