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Only members of DrBForums.com can rate a product/vendor (vote) and submit reviews.

If you are a DrBForums.com member we'd appreciate you taking the time to rate and/or review any products or vendors that you've tried.

When you click on the "Submit Your Vote / Review" link, you'll be taken to the corresponding topic in the forums.

Rating/voting: Once there, you can rate (vote) the product the way you normally do for "polls". Note that you can only vote once, you cannot change your vote, and if you press the "Null Vote" button, you'll lose your ability to vote on that product.

Reviewing: In addition to rating/voting, you may also use the "add reply" button to submit your comments about the product or vendor. Please keep your comments concise and on topic. Remember, this is a review of a product, not a normal discussion topic.

Important note about reviewing: When you rate/vote, the results are reflected immediately in the product page. At present however, when you "add reply" to review/comment, the post goes into a queue for review and approval. This may be a temporary measure depending on whether or not we have difficulty with the comments turning into discussions. So, when you post your comment, it might take awhile before a moderator sees the notification to approve the comment -- but it will show up eventually.

If you have any questions, send a PM to Noma or BrianB.