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Pita Gourmet High Protein Pita Pockets

Strict Maintenance
OK for Strict

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Product Review Added Date: 11-20-2007 22:48 ET
Product Review Added By: noma (voted: )

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These are currently my favourite bread choice: the taste and texture are just like a regular pita and the serving size is large enough to hold plenty of filling, as well as satisfy the appetite. They hold up well to being stuffed with wet ingredients, microwaved, or frozen and thawed. Whenever I travel I take a bag of these with me, pre-sliced.

The only con for me: occasionally you come across a pita that won't split properly, but as that's common to other brands I've had I won't complain about it too much.

As well as the Low Carb Grocery, I've found Pita Gourmet High Protein Pitas at Loblaw's and Zehr's.

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Comment Date: 04-19-2012 19:47 ET
By: Belle (voted: )

No review submitted, vote only.

Comment Date: 09-21-2010 00:15 ET
By: Dalia (voted: )

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Comment Date: 01-18-2010 16:47 ET
By: DawnD (voted: )

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Comment Date: 05-31-2009 02:38 ET
By: dainty (voted: )

I can't believe I'm allowed to eat this on strict... It seems like a LOT of bread! I open the pocket up so I have two pitas so I can spread my bread out during the day if I feel like it. Yummy!!

Comment Date: 01-14-2009 18:07 ET
By: Roxygirl (voted: )

love them too! I use them to make pizzas, and also you can bake them in the over until they are a bit crispy, then brake them into smaller pieces, and eat with salsa. (my replacement for tostitos).... very good, and pretty large portion.

Comment Date: 01-14-2009 13:36 ET
By: JennyGump777 (voted: )

No review submitted, vote only.

Comment Date: 01-14-2009 04:40 ET
By: TofuHeart (voted: )

Fantastic product! I use them for personal pizzas and wraps on strict. They are the kind of healthy product I would eat on a regular basis. I wish they were available in Vancouver instead of ordering them online.

very delicious!

Comment Date: 06-13-2008 21:08 ET
By: back2me (voted: )

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Comment Date: 02-11-2008 12:10 ET
By: karin (voted: )

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Comment Date: 02-04-2008 18:14 ET
By: Bailey.S (voted: )

I LOVE these pitas. They are soooo soft. Even if I wasn't on Dr. B they are the type of product I would buy. I cant believe they've been at my regular grocery store all this time and I've never noticed them because I read every label and am constantly looking for the best products nutritionally. The portion is big compared to other breads we are allowed and they hold up to whatever I stuff in them. Yum-O as Rachel Ray would say.

Comment Date: 01-29-2008 19:38 ET
By: DaveD (voted: )

I love these.  I love them even more than "regular" pita.  The Joseph's are better since you can eat more of them on strict but for maintenance or those in Canada who can't get a regular supply of Joseph's, these are fantastic.

Comment Date: 01-11-2008 05:50 ET
By: KPRead (voted: )

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Comment Date: 12-20-2007 16:33 ET
By: Ada (voted: )

I just started eating these now on maintenance.  I agree they are excellent.

Comment Date: 12-19-2007 05:11 ET
By: itsme (voted: )

No review submitted, vote only.

Comment Date: 12-09-2007 17:59 ET
By: Shilps (voted: )

These are awesome...I've even got everyone I know eating them now!!  I pick them up at Loblaws too.


Comment Date: 12-01-2007 03:28 ET
By: affie (voted: )

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Comment Date: 11-30-2007 14:17 ET
By: cassidhe (voted: )

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Comment Date: 11-27-2007 20:11 ET
By: mom22greatgirls (no vote)

I really like these too and the fact that my local Loblaws stocks these is a bonus

Comment Date: 11-26-2007 15:43 ET
By: BrookeB (voted: )

I agree Noma - these are my favourite breads of everything I have tried that is on our allowed list...I feel like it is a treat to have my half-pita with my lunch :laugh:

I experienced the same "splittling" problems occasionally, I figured it was because the pitas had been frozen before so they got a bit stickier...maybe it is just a normal pita thing though ???

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