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Almond Breeze, Unsweetened, Original

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Product Review Added Date: 12-18-2007 21:02 ET
Product Review Added By: BrianB (voted: )

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Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I don't really buy the Original flavor. I prefer the Vanilla for everyday use, and the Chocolate for making "chocolate milk". This stuff tastes fine and all, but I think the Vanilla is better.

Serving: 8 fl. oz., Calories: 40, Fat: 3g, Total Carbs: 2g, Dietary Fiber: 1g, [Net Carbs: 1g], Protein: 1g

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Comment Date: 01-18-2011 01:57 ET
By: Jazmina (voted: )

How I love Almond Milk.  I was soo sad when I found out I couldn't drink it on strict so I am really looking forward to having it in my life again... One day!  Soo Yummy, way better then reg milk. (But that's coming from one who hasn't drank cows milk in over 15 years;)

Comment Date: 08-14-2008 18:56 ET
By: Shilps (voted: )

I couldn't drink this on it's own like a glass of milk, but I absolutely love it with my hi-lo strawberry cereal.  It's like heaven in a bowl to me.  I thought I'd hate it because I love milk so much, but I was happy to be surprised!  Admittedly I haven't tried any of the other flavors yet.


Comment Date: 12-18-2007 22:03 ET
By: Ada (voted: )

I did not like this original flavour much, even with sweetening.  I found it's texture to be rather thin and it's flavour uninspiring.  I'm not convinced that nutritionally it is worth the calories.

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