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BrianB started the the Dr. Bernstein diet August 2nd of 2006. He was amazed at the rapid results he was getting from the diet and looked around for a support group to learn more about the experiences of others as well as any tips and tricks from more experienced Dr. B dieters. It seems that some groups have come and gone for various reasons, with no high profile group left. Feeling that a high profile group would attract the most Dr. B dieters, and knowing that more members equals more good input and experience, he decided to create this site. BrianB lost 167 pounds in his first 7 months of the diet and is now fine tuning his weight and body composition. He is in the USA and goes to the Clearwater clinic in Florida.

Some pictures:

Before/after profile:

7 month progression:

Standing in one leg of "before" photo pants:

Professional "headshot", morph:

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Professional "headshot", before/after:

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I was chosen to be in a poster for the clinic:

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